LAHORE   -  There is no electrical or civil engineer and no Maintenance & Repair Department exists in any public sector hospital in the city due to which fire incidents occur in hospitals.

This was stated by Young Doctors Association (YDA) Pakistan leader Dr Salman Kazmi on Sunday. He said that only one or two employees of the C&W Department were hired to look after the electromagnetic equipment, electrical wires and the buildings of any hospital. He said that there should be a proper electrical engineer for looking after electric wires and civl engineer for maintenance of the hospital building. Also, there should be an MR Department, headed by a bio-medical engineer, in every hospital; otherwise, incidents of short-circuiting would continue to occure.

 He said that a well equipped department should be  established in which engineers file reports ater every three months regarding the condition of medical equipment and the building condition to avoid any ontoward incident.

Responding to a question about the fire incidents in hospitals, he said that 90 per cent such incidents take place due to non-existence of electrical engineers or the MR Department, but the management of any public sector hospital did not bother to set up a proper department in this regard.