islamabad             -       As people across the world protest against the alleged murder of George Floyd in the US, another debate has raged on in the South Asian subcontinent. Why does our society value white color and discriminate against people with a darker complexion? Many celebrities have weighed in on the matter already. One of those names includes Ali Rehman Khan, who has always managed to stand on the right side of things and has always spoken up about social issues.

So when our friend Chang (Daniyal Raheal) did a show on the ‘Gora Complex’ in light of the current #BlackLivesMatter movement, we saw the wise Ali Rehman Khan and Notti Nani (Simi Raheal) nudging everyone to the right path. For those who are unaware of the show’s format, this was a satirical take on our society’s obsession with skin color. So Mr. Chang had many misconceptions about how skin color is the key to success in show business.

Ali Rehman saved the day by stressing that even though it is a problem in a broader context, eventually, as an actor, it is your skill that pulls you through and makes you a star.

Rather than trying out ways to lighten your skin tone, one has to work on their craft. When asked what he looks in a girl, Ali Rehman responded to her personality.