Islamabad           -      Capital Development Authority (CDA) has issued show cause notices to its 13 officers for processing cases of up-gradation / re-designation / change of cadres without observing policy and rules. The show cause notices have been issued in account of inefficiency and misconduct in accordance with Regulation 8.03 (a & b) of CDA Employees Service Regulation 1992.

The show cause notices have been served in the light of recommendations of fact finding inquiry committee. As per findings of the inquiry report, cases of up-gradation / designation / change of cadre have been processed without observing the laid down procedure. The committee also pin pointed the names of the delinquent officers who processed the cases. It was responsibility of the officers to adhere to the rules and regulations clearly mentioned in CDA Employees Service Regulations – 1992 but they failed to do so. Furthermore, no DPC/DRC as required by rules were held which was responsibility of the delinquent officers. The show cause notices have been issued by the authorised officers in all respective cases in terms of clause 8.03 (a & b) on account of act of omission & commission on their part thus liable to disciplinary action which may involve one or more finalities including major penalty of dismissal from service.

The officials have been called upon to show cause in writing within 14 days of the date of receipt of notice as to why penalty including dismissal from service as prescribed in clause 8.04 (1)(b)(iv) of CDA Employees Service Regulation 1992 may not be imposed upon them. In case no reply received within specified period it would be presumed that officers have no defense to offer or declined to offer the same and accepted the charges and in that case action against them shall be taken ex-party.