Islamabad - The Federal government has reduced the proposed provincial development outlay (ADP) for the fiscal 2020-21 by almost Rs 109 billion from the proposed Rs 783 billion to Rs 674 billion.

The National Economic Council (NEC) will Wednesday (today) consider a national developmental outlay of Rs 1.42 trillion which includes the federal development outlay (PSDP) of Rs 650 billion, block allocations of Rs 94 billion and provincial development outlay (ADP) of Rs 783 billion, official source told The Nation.

Earlier the Annual Planning Coordination Committee had recommended, for the approval of National Economic Council (NEC), a national developmental outlay of Rs 1.413 trillion for the fiscal 2020-21 which included the federal development outlay (PSDP) of Rs 536.111 billion, block allocations of Rs 94 billion and provincial development outlay(ADP) of Rs 783 billion, However now in its proposal to the NEC the planning commission has enhanced  the Federal PSDP to Rs 650 billion while the provincial ADP has been slashed to Rs 674 billion.

National Economic Council (NEC), the highest advisory body for economic development in the country and its meeting will be chaired by the Prime Minister.

The meeting will review macroeconomic indicators, approve development framework and will discuss forthcoming budget and other issues.The Federal PSDP includes Rs 418.675 billion for the ministries,Rs 158 billion for corporations including NHA, NTDC and PEPCO.

In the PSDP 2020-21 Rs 70 billion has been allocated for COVID responsive and other Natural Calamities programme and Rs 3 billion for ERRA.For Provinces Rs 674 has been proposed for allocation in the next year PSDP, said the source.

The proposed PSDP allocation for the ministries/divisions is following, Aviation division Rs 1.321 billion, BOI Rs 80 million, Cabinet division Rs 47.525 billion. Climate change Rs 5 billion, Commerce Division Rs 103.500 million, communication division other than NHA has Rs 254.753 million, defence division Rs 660 million and defence production division Rs 1.579 billion. Establishment division Rs 282.914 million, Federal education and professional training Rs 4.53 billion, Finance division Rs 66.17 billion and Foreign Affairs Division Rs 10.343 million,  HEC Rs 29.47 billion, Housing and Works 8.937 billion, Human Rights division Rs 256 million, Industries and production Rs 800 million, Information and broadcasting Rs 360 million and Information technology and telecom division Rs 6.672 billion.

Interprovincial Coordination Division Rs 323 million, and Interior Division Rs 13.7 billion.  The proposed allocation for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Division Rs 52 billion, Law and Justice is Rs 991 million and Maritime Affairs Division Rs 2.683 billion.

Narcotics Control Division has Rs 53 million, National Food Security and Research Division Rs12 billion, National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination Division Rs 14.58 billion.

National History & Literary Heritage Division Rs 194 million, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Rs 23 billion, Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority Rs 350 million, Petroleum Division Rs 1.5 billion, Planning Development and Reforms Division Rs 5.48 billion,Poverty Division Rs 135 million, Railway Division Rs 24 billion, Revenue Division Rs 1.79 billion, Science and Technological Research Division Rs 4.4 billion, SUPARCO Rs 4.98 billion, Water Resource Division Rs 81.55 billion.