World Health Organization (WHO) in its letter to the Punjab government of Pakistan has suggested for complete lockdown in the state due to the worsening condition of the pandemic. WHO also stated that the reason that cases have increased drastically is due to relaxation in lockdown. Lockdown could have only be lifted if Pakistan has followed all six conditions i.e. complete control over the pandemic, diagnosis of every single case, tests, isolation, treatment and tracing, and minimum hotspot risks.

Our governments and our very notable departments e.g. primary and secondary healthcare department, Punjab Food Authority, doctors, police etc. are leaving no stone unturned even in this pandemic to ensure the safety of people. But what we are doing as a nation? New Zealand’s Prime minister stated that she could not have made her country corona free without the cooperation of the common man. Same applies in Pakistan: we can not come out of this crisis without the cooperation of the common man. Ease in lockdown was done to save Pakistan from economic collapse but people were continuously warned to follow SOP’s which they clearly didn’t and as a result we now have been listed in top countries of the world where the spread of infection is drastic and very fast. Now as suggested by WHO, Government of Pakistan specifically Government of Punjab must consider complete lockdown for the time being and must respect the efforts of our departments for the public’s welfare. As a responsible citizen, please stay home, avoid leaving home and even if you have to, follow SOP’s.

It’s not only about others’ lives, it’s our life too which is at stake.