PESHAWAR - All Deputy Commissioners of Khy­ber Pakhtunkhwa have submitted their reports about the implemen­tation of SOPs to PMRU, Chief Sec­retary office.

As per reports, the district ad­ministrations conducted opera­tions in their respective districts and inspected 40563 shops and warnings were issued to 10700 shopkeepers for violation of SOPs and a fine of Rs. 2899825 was im­posed on 27647 shops while 1715 shops were sealed.

Furthermore, a total of 6232 pet­rol pumps were inspected across the province in which warnings is­sued to 1512 petrol pumps for vi­olation of the government SOPs. Similarly, a fine of Rs.1390973 was imposed on 2059 units/business­es and 180 petrol pumps were sealed.

In addition, they also inspected a total of 9877 markets in which warnings were issued to 2484 markets for noncompliance with SOPs. while A fine of Rs. 549530 was imposed on 344 markets and 55 markets were sealed.

The district administrations in­spected 955 bus stands across the province and warnings were is­sued to 466 bus stands.

The officials of district admin­istrations visited and inspected 12546 transport vehicles across the province in which warnings were issued to 3534 transport ve­hicles for violation of SOPs and 1311 vehicle owners were fined Rs.980431 and 307 transport ve­hicles were banned.

Furthermore, 9143 industri­al units were inspected in which warnings were issued to 874 units for violation of the govern­ment SOPs. About 762 industri­al units were fined and 258 units were sealed. According to the dis­tricts reports, 51391 people were checked out of them 15873 per­sons were warned over noncom­pliance with SOPs.