ISLAMABAD             -          The ministry of commerce on Tuesday has notified exports of personal protective equipment (PPEs) and hand sanitisers in potential global market as its demand has risen after COVID-19 pandemic.

“Notification allowing export of PPEs & hand sanitizers has been issued. The Government has done its part. Exporters please take note & go full speed ahead to capture a good share of world market, said Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood on Twitter. He further said that permission of exports s does not apply to Track suits, N95 masks and surgical masks.

He said that this is part of government strategy for exports diversification to expand in to new segments to achieve the agenda of new market exploration for connecting local exports with global value chain. The government is committed to encourage the local exporter to seek more order from the international potential markets and also try to explore the untapped region of the world. The ministry of commerce has issued the notification after Federal Cabinet had approved export of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of all items including, woven and non-woven, which provides opportunity to cater to the demands of world markets.

Earlier, in last month, the government had allowed the export of face masks. Pakistan had also received large orders for face masks from United States (US), Canada and Europe. In April 2020, the federal government had permitted export of textile masks in a bid to allow manufacturers to honour international orders. However, the ban on exports of N-95 and surgical face masks — both falling in the list of personal protective equipment (PPE) — remained. The decision was taken in a meeting of the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) of the National Coordination Committee on April 20. The government has also been formed to manage local demand to ensure adequate supplies and in this regard a notification will be issues in coming few days.

Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and industry president Mian Anjum Nisar had already appreciated the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) exports of all items of PPE of including ,woven and non woven and said that this would huge opportunity for local exporter to achieve their targets for maximum benefits from opportunity after the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic. He said that “We in this regard government has coordinated with FPCCI including whole business community and “We are committed to support the every good step of the government.”