“Steve Jobs didn’t really set the direction of my Apple I and Apple II designs but he did the more important part of turning them into a product that would change the world. I don’t deny that.”

-Steve Wozniak

In June 1977, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, co-founders of Apple, released the largely successful Apple II computer: an 8-bit home microcomputer and the first consumer product sold by Apple Inc. Largely designed by Wozniak, the Apple II was made primarily for American home users at a time when computers were prevalent solely within business spaces.

Although it had many innovative and exciting features, the Apple II was distinct for being able to display color graphics, a capability beyond the reach of other computers at that time. The Apple II became one of the most successful and recognisable computers in the 1980’s and 1990’s, with many variations of the product produced by Apple since the original model. It was aggressively marketed and became a household name in America, contributing largely to the rise of Apple in becoming the powerhouse that it is today.

The Apple II systems were discontinued on 15 October 1993, having sold over 6 million units in their 16 year production.