ISLAMABAD - As pollen allergy season hits the Federal Capital, scores of people living in Islamabad are finding once again themselves in a fix due to increase in the number of pollen allergy patients and mushroom growth of mulberry trees. Rawal Lake, Shakarparian, Kashmir Highway, Blue Area, 7th and 9th avenues in particular and other residential areas of the Capital in general are covered with mulberry trees, a source of spreading pollen allergy. CDA has long been struggling to cure instead of prevent the disease by arranging free pollen allergy medical camps or chopping the mulberry trees or spraying, but yet Authority seemed totally failed to deal with it. It's ironic that these so-called champions of green peace never bothered to take active part in tree plantation campaign, said a patient of pollen allergy. He said we need to rid capital of mulberry trees in order to save thousands of pollen allergy patients' health. Human are more important than lush green capital, he lamented. After receiving complaints that people are fed up with the performance of authorities concerned and they have to protect themselves by wearing masks, staying home, or opt for medication, whenever the CDA Environment Wing starts chopping mulberry trees, the environment activists always jump in the middle and let CDA with no option but to put off the drive and let mulberry trees grow, told a CDA official on the condition of anonymity. "We have also cut down about 300 trees at the beginning of Zero Point Interchange construction and replaced the site with other harmless trees such as " speeda"." According to a survey conducted by TheNation, the situation seems worse this year as the hospitals have already received about more than a dozen pollen allergy patients within a short span of time i.e. two weeks, despite the fact that the pollen allergy season hasn't started yet. I am tired of keep wearing mask and stay mostly inside my home during the month of March and April to prevent the dreaded itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing, complained a patient. He said every year more and more people fall victim to this painful disease but concerned authorities never bothered to develop a strategy to cope with the situation. How many camps CDA will set up, How many mulberry trees will Authority chop or how long it will continue spraying, Imtiaz Alam another patient questioned. All CDA needs is to completely chop down all the mulberry trees which are major source of pollen allergy, otherwise time is not that far when people will start migrating from the Federal Capital during the month of March and April and you will find the city nothing short than a ghost city, he concluded.