I am an overseas Pakistani living in Toronto, Canada. It looks like I am being punished because I am a patriotic Pakistani working abroad who sends valuable foreign exchange to his country. My NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) was issued by NADRA with incorrect date of birth. I applied for correction in my NICOP through a NADRA online application. I have sent them all relevant documents ages ago but the correction has not been done yet. So far my case is still pending for verification. When I called to NADRA they said my card was marked as suspect (Duplicate CNIC). I also sent several emails to NADRA and called several times to NADRA headquarters but invain. It looks like nobody is willing to help me as my file is buried somewhere on the desk of a clerk. I have to visit Pakistan as I want to make arrangements for Hajj through Pakistan but can't do that with out my NICOP. My Pakistani passport has also expired but the Pakistan consulate is not willing to make my new passport until my date of birth is corrected and suspect mark is cleared. -FARAZ MALIK, Canada, via e-mail, March 2.