Lawyers, PML-N, Imran Khan, JI and all those supporting the Long March should not confine themselves to just the restoration of deposed judges. They should also lend their voice to issues like the recent massacre of the ninety-percent poor of this country due to the atrocious economic management of PPP-MQM-ANP-JUI coalition that is propped up on the shaky foundations of the NRO. The rampant corruption and systematic plunder by these few have given us the highest ever taxes, surcharges, GSTs, withholding taxes and duties that are supplemented periodically by increasing tariffs and bogus billings. The combination of them all has crushed the poor of this country. I would request all those supporting the Long March not to forget these poor people. No matter what happens, they should not fall again in Mr. Zardari web of deception that he weaves from time to time in the name of reconciliation. Yesterday, Mr. Gilani had a meeting with Shahbaz Sharif in an obvious attempt to buy time for his beleaguered President. Why is Mr. Zardari willing to talk now about the judges and why was he acting so blas before the announcement of the Long March? He feared for the future of NRO whose promulgation he had engineered to protect himself and ensure his smooth induction into power. -M. H. IBRAHIM, Mirpur, via e-mail, February 24.