As a nation, we are lost in squabbles. We tumble from one crisis to another instigated by one useless statement or another by our so-called leaders. This has almost become a routine now. The people are kept busy by the quizzes in these mindless statements but find no time to worry about the basics. I admire the consultants of these rulers who can invent newer crises whenever they see the public getting relaxed. The power outage is no more and electricity is available 24 hours a day now. Almost overnight, sufficient generation of power has been done to keep us supplied day and night. How did that miracle happen? May be these consultants had a magic wand which literally, like the proverbial genie of the bottle, solved the crisis over night. I am also a business consultant who works on problems of various companies. I wish the consultants of the ruling junta could advise me on how to turn the red in the books of my clients into black, and that too overnight. -AMJAD H MIRZA, Lahore, via e-mail, February 23.