BEIJING (APP) - Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi has said that his country will continue to support the stability, development and prosperity in Pakistan. China and Pakistan will continue to expand practical cooperation in various fields on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, Yang said when responding to a question in a media interaction largely attended by both foreign and domestic media persons on the sidelines of the 3rd Session of the 11th National Peoples Congress here. I believe the Government of Pakistan has effective control over the situation in Pakistan, said Chinese foreign minister while commenting on a question about Chinas relations with Afghanistan and Pakistan with both these neighbouring countries it maintains friendly relations and cooperation and on situation arises in Afghanistan if US withdraws its troops from that country in the second half of next year. Foreign Minister Yang on situation in Afghanistan said that he believes the Afghan government and people have made important headway in promoting the peace and reconstruction process in their country. At the same time, it is true that Afghanistan does face a series of problems at home, such as drug trafficking and terrorism. China supports the Afghan govt in its efforts to promote peace, security and stability in Afghanistan. We have provided various kinds of assistance to Afghanistan without any condition attached within the realm of our capabilities. For example, Yang said we have helped Afghanistan in building hospitals and water conservancy projects. We have also trained professionals in various fields for Afghanistan. Not long ago, representative of the Chinese government attended the Shanghai Cooperation Organizations international conference on the issue of Afghanistan held in Moscow. I myself attended relevant international conferences on Afghanistan in Turkey and London. I should point out here that during the conferences, I had the honour of having conversations with President Karzai and Afghanistans Foreign Minister and security advisor, and they all spoke highly of Chinas position on Afghanistan and Chinas assistance to their country, Yang added. He said representatives of many countries at the conferences were of the view that military means does not offer a fundamental solution to the Afghanistan issue. Many countries and China shared the view that the international community should give full support to efforts made by the Afghan government and people. The Chinese Foreign Minister said that we believe that eventually Afghanistan will be a peaceful, stable and independent country enjoying development and progress and living in harmony with its neighbours.