Aafia Siddiqui, the Pakistani woman currently incarcerated in US on the charge of attacking US marines, was a bright and hardworking person since her childhood. She acquired degrees in biology and neuroscience from very prestigious US universities and had also contributed articles to respected research journals of America. She was reportedly kidnapped from Karachi along with her children and sent to Afghanistan for interrogation. When the news of her illegal arrest surfaced, she was sent to the US where she was held and brutally tortured in custody. On her presentation to a court in New York this year, not a thing related to the incident could be traced back to her, be it the fingerprints on the gun from which she had allegedly fired upon the Americans or possession of any bomb-making formulae. Even the DNA samples meant to prove her links with Al-Qaeda did not hold up to the scrutiny in court. Despite all these facts, the court gave a verdict of guilty against her, denying her justice and sending her to languish in jail for long years. This hapless woman is today waiting for her homeland, Pakistan, to recognise her rights as a citizen and get her freed from the skewed justice system of the US. The high and mighty of this country are often gone to Washington or are seen on TV welcoming US officials in Pakistan every other day. They hold smiling photo sessions and long meetings in which everything under the sun gets discussed. The only subject that, ostensibly, never gets broached in their high-level diplomatic meetings is that of the poor, helpless woman who is just another victim of the war on terror. -RAQIM HAQUE, Karachi, March 7.