LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in reply to the letter earlier sent to him by Governor Salmaan Taseer in connection with Law Minister Rana Sanaullahs election visit to Jhang, has charged the Governor with infringing his constitutional obligations which, according to the communication, require his office to be politically neutral and to act on the advice of the CM. Noting 'unsubstantial contents in the letter sent to him by the Governor on March 4 last, the CM has found the same as venting political bias, 'bordering hostility against PML-N leadership to the extent of undermining his (Governor) oath of the office. It said the Governor opted to 'malign a provincial Cabinet minister, with the sole intent to undermine his (CM) administration without due diligence. I was not surprised by the unsubstantiated contents of your DO letter no PSG-1/2010 dated March 4, 2010, these reflect change in tactics, without abandoning your party objectives. The self-evident press clippings attached with it were more than adequate to address your pretensions, nay these contradicted baseless assertions and politically motivated allegations at the eve of by-elections, that is, if you had time to read these with requisite attention expected from your high constitutional office, the CM said in reply letter carried. The Chief Minister in context of the Constitution said that in the discharge of its functions, his cabinet is responsible to Provincial Assembly and its individual conscience, not the whims of the federal representative in Lahore. Urging the Governor to desist from engaging in political activities as it was 'unbecoming of his high office he recalled the Supreme Court decision of 1993 which required of the Governor political neutrality and act on the advice of the CM. Governor may also review the relevant penal provisions of the Political Parties Act 1962 that bar his pensionable office from engaging in political activities. The Chief Minister has sent copy of the 'communication to the President, Prime Minister and Chief Election Commissioner for further and appropriate action as may be deemed necessary, including holding of counselling sessions for the incumbent Governor. Addressing the various assertions made in the letter by the Governor Punjab, the Chief Minister admitted that Rana Sana took a political tour of Jhang in connection with the ongoing electoral campaign for PMLN candidate from PP-82, but there is no reason or basis to assert or presume even remotely that the Law Minister breached or disregarded ECPs notification cited in your letter, either. On the contrary, the shoe was admittedly on the other foot. The fact is that on the next following day of sending this venomous letter, you chose to visit PP-82 Jhang in your official capacity, on the pretext of inaugurating Sui gas schemes, used official resources to address political rallies and canvassed for the PPP candidate, knowing also fully well that being in service of Pakistan you were in blatant breach of Constitution (Art 17(2) read with Article 260, electoral laws and the Political Parties Act 1962 that prohibit such activities. Obviously, your letter was more like a crude tactic at diversion to pre-empt focus away from your illegal journey, your public conduct re-affirmed that you have no, or have scant respect for rule of law, and Constitution. Maulana Ahmad Ludiyanvi as per official record, had contested for a National Assembly seat in the February 18 2008 polls as a duly qualified candidate within the contemplation of Articles 62 & 63 of the Constitution, and under your watch as caretaker federal cabinet member, but had lost to Sh Waqas Ahmad of PMLQ despite polling more than 40,000 votes. No one in any other political party or official agency, including you, found anything objectionable or challenged the credentials of Maulana Ludiyanvi, then or later. At the relevant time, you happened to be a member of Federal caretaker cabinet of the ousted dictator of PCO/ NRO fame who had detained as many as 63 judges of the superior courts sans any formal orders; that also speaks about your 'respect for the judiciary or basic law of the land. Your letter also exposed your selectively convenient memory, if you please recall, only a few days before you penned these accusations, the PPP-P had explored all overt and covert avenues to solicit Maulana Ludiyanvis political support for its candidate in PP-82 Jhang, or at least persuade him not to support PMLN candidate; but on being denied its wish, the Governor launched yet another campaign of vilification. To be more specific, to solicit Maulana Ludiyanvis support for PPP candidate, amongst others, Mr Tasneem Ahmed Qureshi, PPPs Minister of State for Interior had hosted a dinner in his honour; no one would believe that the Minister of State and the Governor had not exchanged notes about PPPs failure to win over Maulana Ludiyanvi. By no standard, what was deemed good for the PPP Minister of State for Interior can be a ground for initiating vilification campaign against my cabinet Minister Rana Sanaullah. With respect to Talib Qiamat and Japoo, allegedly belonging to a banned outfit and referred to in para 7 of your DO. Since it is not a customary practice to report releases of individual prisoners to the Governor, he may wish to update his record: Talib Qiamat was released some three months back after his acquittal by High Court, Japoo earned his freedom through court of law, our Constitution obligates due respect to court judgements. No one should grudge that or mislead high state functionaries and the world at large as if some dangerous elements hostile to state were being patronized by my administration. The CM as his duty has strongly advised the Governor to withdraw 'malicious, baseless and politically motivated accusations forthwith. The Governor may also wish to ponder that by insinuating such scandalous and baseless allegations, he may have tested the limits of his own fertile imagination, whether and if so what service did he render to Pakistan, his provincial tour of duty or the party that continues to patronise him despite such like repeatedly outrageous conduct, needs revisiting, it added.