The defence and diplomatic circles in Pakistan must be questioning the logic of their country being abused by the world powers in the war on terror for a mere medal of tin for the ceremonial status of being 'a non-NATO ally, whatever that means. Despite Islamabads relentless efforts in hail of fire and blood in the operations against terrorists, it is being subjected to mounting pressure to 'do more, while its 'NATO ally doesnt do a thing to fulfill the defence needs of Pakistan, even as per requirements of the agreement. True, the drumbeat to support Pakistan has been heard loud all over the world forums but the hype of $10 billion aid to Pakistan has been actually used to mount pressure on Pakistan. Pakistans suffered losses in the war, both in human and material terms, are absolutely colossal. Some estimate the total economic and infrastructural damages, along with expenditures of the war, to have exceeded well over $70 billion during the last 9 years. The total US assistance to Pakistan so far has been only $10 billion or so. For a comparison, you have to look at figures of $653 billion for Iraq and $ 172 billion for Afghanistan. Almost 56% of the US aid to Pakistan ($5.64 billion) has gone to the Coalition Support Funds, a term coined for covering expenses incurred in supplying the Pakistani military in their campaign against Taliban on Pak-Afghan borders. The 18% ($1.81 billion) has been spent on security assistance, 16% ($1.62 billion) on the budgetary support allocations. This money was supposed to provide macroeconomic stability and free up funds for social spending. The remaining nine percent had been given for development and humanitarian assistance. As per the Congressional Research Service (CRS) report released in July 2008, the total funding for Global War on Terror (2001-2009) was $859 billion. Out of this, the largest bit, $653 billion, was spent on Operation Iraqi Freedom followed by $172 billion for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Out of the very paltry amount spent on other heads like counterterrorism operations, which included Pakistan, as much as $20 billion was spent for enhanced security of bases. Only $5 billion was unallocated. -F. Z. KHAN, Islamabad, March 8.