ISLAMABAD - Constitutional Reforms Committee of the Parliament is spinning into confusion with every passing day and the statement of Maulana Fazlur Rehman after the Tuesdays session of the committee, disagreeing to the modus operandi proposed by the Committee for the appointment of judges in superior courts, added to the uncertainty engulfing it. In the Tuesdays session, the Committee discussed matters relating to the provincial autonomy and unanimously decided to dole out certain federal taxes to the provinces, including the Capital Value Tax. Sources privy to the deliberations of the Committee meeting informed TheNation that the matters pertaining to Concurrent List came under discussion in the meeting and it was the consensus view of the Committee that it should be abolished and a few of its subjects should be included in the Federal Legislative List Part-II. The sources in the committee informed that there was sharp difference among some of the members, as members representing the nationalist parties and smaller provinces demanded complete revocation of concurrent and Federal legislative lists proposing that Federal Government should only have defence, currency, foreign affairs and communication with it while rest should be given to the provinces. While the members belonging to mainstream parties were of the view that instead of doling out all the subjects to provinces, these subjects should be put in the Federal Legislative List Part-II where all the provinces should deal with these issues under the umbrella of Council of Common Interest (CCI). The sources aware of the deliberations of the meeting informed that so far the Government had not responded to the queries made by the Committee regarding some crucial points about provincial autonomy. The sources said that sometime back when the matter of provincial autonomy was taken up for deliberation by the Committee, the members of the party representing PML(N) and MQM had suggested that Army should be taken onboard while granting the provincial autonomy. In the light of the suggestions of the members, the Committees Chairman Senator Mian Raza Rabbani had written to the Federal Government to give its input on the sensitive and technical issue of provincial autonomy. JUI-F Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman after Tuesday session of the Committee expressed his partys reservations over the modus operandi for appointment of judges in superior courts and said that his party would write dissenting note on the proposed draft of constitutional reforms. He said that both major political parties were deviating from the Charter of Democracy signed by their leadership and had waved off the bar on judges having taken oath under PCO to become the member of the proposed judicial commission. He further said that certain elements were out to pressurise the Committee from outside and stressed the need of introducing constitutional reforms without any fear or favour. To a question, he expressed satisfaction over the working of the Committee and stressed the need for keeping in mind the interest of the nation in mind while dealing with such an important issue.