The US and other countries that are occupying Afghanistan are trying to prepare an Afghan national army/police. But their efforts are not bearing fruit and they would not bear fruit in future either. In training the Afghans, they try to instill in their minds that Pakistan is 'the enemy. Luckily, more than 70 percent of Afghans recruits reject the idea of their trainers and the drop-out rate is very high. India is playing a very dirty game. By giving citizenship to Afghans, it is preparing a terrorist group that can be used against Pakistan. Already, India is supplying arms and training to militants that are eventually pushed across into Pakistan. Pakistan shunned the Northern Alliance in the 1990s. This mistake has cost Pakistan tremendously. People in Pakistans ruling establishment (Army and politicians) as well as those in the media need to increase contacts with all Afghan political parties and groups, including those that are part of the Northern Alliance. It would help build an Afghan nation. There is, of course, an urgent need for keeping an eye on what America and India are doing in Afghanistan. America is playing a double game with Pakistan. General Kayani should forcefully float the idea of taking over the training of Afghan police/army from NATO and America. We have to keep our eastern border free of all types of troublemakers. A friendly Afghanistan would bring peace and prosperity in the region. Pakistans policymakers should also make sure that other nations do not use our territory for attacks on Iran. By not letting it be used against Iran, Pakistan can save itself in Balochistan. Both countries should cooperate to defeat the designs of outsiders. We have to enhance our cooperation with Iran. Instead of acting timidly against India, Pakistani leadership should show guts. This is the only way to defeat the game plans of our enemies. -AHMAD JAHANZEB, Channi Goth, March 9.