NEW DELHI (Agencies) India on Tuesday took strong exception to claims being made by Pakistan that its intelligence agencies were behind the latest blast in Lahore. Questioning the basis on which Pakistans Interior Minister Rehman Malik identified India as the foreign hand behind several attacks in his country, Indian Minister of State for Defence Pallam Raju made it clear that Pakistans allegations that India is involved in the blast is not based on facts adding, Its unfortunate that they are making such statements. Raju added, We understand, we empathise with Pakistan as they are also as a victim. We should act together in containing terror. Commenting on Mondays attack on the Special Investigation Agency (SIA) building in Lahore Rehman Malik had said, All the weapons are coming from Afghanistan. The signatures of India are very much there in weapons seized in (Pakistans) tribal areas. The India government sources also rubbished allegations of New Delhis involvement in the Lahore blast, saying that it is not for the first time Pakistan has levelled such baseless charges. Sources here said, There is no evidence of Indias involvement. This is not for the first time such charges have been levelled against India, the sources said, adding that last time also when Sri Lankan cricket team was attacked, this charade was played and similar charges were levelled against India. No evidence has been shared with us. This is whole fabrication by that side. And they will continue doing it till they convince themselves that this fabrication is convincing, the sources said.