KARACHI - Acting President of teh Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rasheeduddin Rashid has expressed his concern over NEPRAs decision to allow discos an increase of Re 1.02/kWh in Power Tariffs. He said that in the presence of worst power crisis of history and highest-ever tariffs an abrupt sequel of enhancement in the power tariffs has brought the industry to the verge of closure owing to exorbitant cost of doing production. Rasheeduddin lamented that neither concrete measures have been witnessed regarding improvement in power distribution/ transmission infrastructure nor the loadshedding has been controlled. He said that adjustment in fuel cost component on account of fuel price variation is not a justifiable excuse to overcome losses, in spite of this, the Power Distribution Companies, particularly KESC, should take concrete measures to seriously curtail its transmission and distribution losses rather than adding-on different charges to control its financial losses.