ISLAMABAD (PR) - Khushhalibank has observed Womens Day on Tuesday along with other nations of globe in recognition of the economic, political and social empowerment of women. International Womens Day (IWD) holds significance and is symbolic of women empowerment, female solidarity and equality. This day is celebrated to commemorate women working in the formal and informal sectors despite the numerous cultural and socio-economic challenges encountered in their everyday lives and the courage and perseverance in surmounting these obstacles with determination. It is rooted in the centuries old struggle of women for their rights including the right to participate in society on an equal footing and equal opportunity within the economic domain. President, Khushhalibank Ghalib Nishtar whilst acknowledging the entrepreneurial abilities of women said International Womens Day has provided us with an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the cause of women empowerment, particularly in the context of our country where women comprise nearly half the population. Our own experience, which is consistent with Global experience has shown that women entrepreneurs demonstrate greater responsibility in terms of enterprise development. The Asian Development Bank Institute based in Tokyo, Japan, conducted a study on the need for making microfinance Institutions sustainable in order to deliver services to the poor. It chose Khushhalibank for analysing the impact of microfinance Institutions on poverty reduction. Among other findings the study revealed that access to and participation in the Khushhalibank program increased empowerment of women - the degree to which womens decisions are taken into account in areas such as child-rearing, participation in community or political activities, and financial matters. The banks lending to female clients also enhanced their level of confidence and enabled them to contribute positively to the well being of their families.