There are reports to the effect that under an agreement reached recently, India military experts have started imparting training to the Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan Police. A groups of Afghan forces personnel have already arrived in India for this purpose. In the recently concluded London Conference, a lot of lobbying was done to convince the world community that the Afghan military must be trained by India to which Pakistan had objected. Engaging the Indians serves Mr Karzais anti-Pakistan stance as much as it serves the Indian designs against Pakistan, a combine that has already complicated the conduct of war on terror in the region. As far as Pakistan is concerned, if the growing Indian involvement in Afghanistan is tolerated, there seems no hope of resolving the already disastrous situation in the Pak-Afghan theatre of war. In the words of Pakistans Army Chief, General Kayani, Pakistans strategic interests in the region would be threatened with the Indian presence. From Pakistans perspective, Indian-trained Afghans would be a threat to regional peace because of their proclivity to fall in the hands of mavericks like Colonel Prohit who used the cover of Indian Army ranks in the past to blow up Samjhota Express. Pakistan also feels that Indians have no role in quelling terrorism nor any experience of fighting terrorism head-on. On the other hand, the Pakistan military has proved its professionalism against this sort of enemy in the battlefields of Swat and South Waziristan in recent times. If that spirit of Pakistan militarys fight could somehow be infused in the Afghan forces personnel, it could do wonders within months if not weeks in combing out the menace of terror from this region. It is now up to the world to decide whether it wants to complicate the war by giving India a role in ita veritable fueling of fireor assigns the task to Pakistan to clear the mess as early as possible. -ESCHMALL SARDAR, Peshawar, March 8.