It has been reported in a section of national Urdu press (on 06-03-2010) that World Bank has said that Pakistan missed the bus in the campaign against the construction of Baglihar dam in the period up to 2005 because India had already declared intensions to build the dam in 2002. This three years delay by Pakistan authorities, which failed to raise any objection, resulted in India undertaking construction of the dam. As a consequence, Pakistan lost its case when it raised the issue too late and had to suffer a loss of 34 -40 MCF of water per annum by storage in the dama potentially devastating prospect for its irrigation potential and agricultural productivity in a vast area. It is incumbent on government to fix responsibility for the inordinate delay in moving the case. What made the high officials of Pakistan commit the high treason of waiting for three years to raise objections on the disputed dam? The culprits of Indus Basin Commission must be taken to task. -DR. M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, March 6.