PML-Ns Pervez Malik won his seat of NA-123 Lahore with heavy margin on Wednesday while PML-N candidate Azam Chaila clinched his seat of PP-82 Jhang. PPPs candidate won his seat of PP-25 Jaffarabad and Muslim League Zias candidate declared successful in PP-284 Bahawalnagar. Poling for the by-elections on one National and two Provincial Assembly seats in Lahore, Jhang, Bahawalpur and Jaffarabad held today and counting of votes in this regard has been completed. Unofficial vote count at all 268 polling stations set up in NA-123 shows PML-Ns Pervez Malik in a clear lead with 45,889 votes against his rival Hamid Miraj of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf who stood second with 9,440 votes. According to unofficial results, PML-N candidate Azam Chaila declared successful in PP-82 Jhang with 42,145 votes in all the 127 polling stations. While PPPs candidate clinched his seat in PP-25 Jaffarabad and Muslim League Zias candidate Chaudhry Shahid Anjum remained successful with 52,605 votes, followed by Kashif Naveed of PPP with 26814 votes in all the 130 polling stations results. Thirteen candidates including Mai Juri and Ataullah Baledi have boycotted the by-polls in Jaffarabad.