ISLAMABAD - Sonia Naz, a police rape victim, who remained in limelight courtesy of the civil society activists, is now running from the pillar to post for justice but no one even ready to listen her ordeal. After highlighting Sonias rape case in media for a considerable period of time for the obvious reasons, now the civil society has left her in the most miserable condition where she could not even get an ordinary job to meet the both ends. Living in entirely deplorable conditions at a rented accommodation in Rawalpindi along with her husband and two children, she is highly depressed owing to her husbands joblessness and her children, who despite being in age of school going, could not get education. During last few years she tried her best to get rid of her past and restart her life, however her miseries are increasing with the passage of time. With tears running down on her face and depressed voice, she unveiled her ordeal saying that she wanted to forget her past but attitude of the people was teasing her. I tried my best to settle in Karachi, where I also admitted my children in the school but continuous threats forced me to leave that place, she noted. She said, As I return, I knocked door of every NGO worker, whom I know, for getting legal aid or some monetary support so that I could send my children to school, but no one even ready to listen me. She further added, Now I have no option other than begging for managing two time meals for children. She maintained that the most depressing thing for her was that her children were out of the schools. About the civil society she informed that they just preferred to listen her in front of the media. On the other day, Sonia informed that she met Farzana Bari in a rally, which was held on the occasion of the International Women Day, but she asked her to phone her (Bari) later. When approached, Farzana said that she called Sonia and told her to tell her about the case. Initially I understand her case and than decided what I can do for her, she added. In April 2005, Sonia found herself baffled over her husbands whereabouts. After questioning friends and neighbours, anxious Sonia learned that her husband had been taken into custody by Faisalabad police. She repeatedly visited the police stations and faced disappointment. At last she paid a visit to the National Assembly in Islamabad and spoke with the people who might have the power to get some answers in this regard. Instead of helping her, they accused her of unlawfully entering the Assembly building and handed her over to Faisalabad police. This was beginning of Sonias journey towards a miserable life. Sonia holds police chief, Khalid Abdullah, responsible for having her locked up in a house for 15 days and having ordered one of his officers to repeatedly rape and beat her. Sonia said that the rape incidents were her punishment for questioning her husbands arrest and making efforts for his release. On 12th of October 2005, on the Supreme Courts instructions, Lahore Police finally register a criminal case against SP Khalid Abdullah and Inspector Jamshed Chishti on charges of abduction and rape of Sonia Naz. The Supreme Court resumed its hearing on Sonia case and ordered to form an investigation committee comprising two police officers of deputy inspector generals rank to probe into Nazs case and start criminal proceedings against the two accused police officers. About which Sonia told that the committee came up with findings of her favour. Though I regularly attended the trail in session court despite threats but at the end the accused were quashed, she noted. She said that accused Khalid had closed links with the PML-Q and thats why he was still roaming freely. Today, she is receiving threats and no one is paying heads, she said.