KARACHI - The Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) failed to provide relief to the residents of Karachi as various localities have endured prolong and unannounced power outages on Tuesday. Citizens belonging to different areas told TheNation that the power utility had started unannounced power outages and their children were facing problems in completing their schools and college assignments. The aged people and patients at hospitals cursed KESC as the summer has just approached and electricity hide and seek started as it comes for an hour and goes for longer period. This scribe learnt after visiting different localities and commercial areas that power utility was not following load shedding schedule announced by it and unannounced power cut remained continued in various areas of the city. A power consumer Ehtisham living at Gulshan-e-Iqbal told that it has become daily routine that not only for three hours sometime electricity is off for many hours. Household works and school children feel that they are in hell. He said that power utility after privatization further deteriorated in serving its consumers. A businessman told that business has badly affected due to power outages as a huge decline in customer volume has been seen due to longer and unannounced load seeding. The other day the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (Kanupp), which supplies 80 megawatts to KESC also not providing electricity to it therefore the shortfall went upto 150 megawatts as a result of which the duration of power outages increased. Karachiites have angered over the power utility and told that when they tried to register their complaints at regional offices the staff not cooperated with them. Residents were also of the view that the KESC announced to arrange open courts (Khuli Katcheri) to hear their problems regarding over billing, meter change and others in all the towns still they are waiting for this for sharing their problems with the high-ups of the KESC. Power consumers demanded of the KESC officials not to make their lives hell as hot summer spell soon approaching.