LAHORE - Punjab government has taken strict notice of the arrival of nine federal ministers along with Rangers in Jhang terming it an open interference in the election process. A spokesman of the Punjab government said on Tuesday that this step of the federal ministers was also a violation of the code of conduct of elections. The spokesman said under the electoral laws, Rangers or force could be summoned or deployed only on the request of the provincial government and federal interior minister was not authorised to depute Rangers for any minister. The spokesman said the arrival of federal ministers with the contingents of Rangers was tantamount to violation of the sanctity of election process and ridicule of the electoral laws. The spokesman further said the Punjab government would not allow any one to sabotage the election process through such tactics. According to the spokesman, there is a strict ban on the entry of federal or provincial ministers in the polling stations and the surrounding areas and this restriction will be strictly implemented irrespective of the affiliation of a minister with Pakistan Muslim League(N) or Pakistan Peoples Party. Meanwhile, the Punjab government has issued instructions for the return of the Rangers accompanying the federal ministers.