LAHORE Already trapped in multiple troubles, the Pakistan cricket is falling prey to regional divide which is now plaguing it many ways. After the reports of grouping in the team, split is being reported in the national selection committee now headed by former Test opener Mohsin Khan. And to settle issue, the PCB chief met Mohsin and other selection committee members in Karachi. Media reports from Karachi suggested that certain people in the board want to lions share in every department of the board. The important positions in the board are counted and counting as made which region holds how many of them. So is the case of players selection in which Punjab is being victimized this time. Some selectors are deliberately overlooking Punjab players and preferring to pick players from other regions especially Sindh and Karachi. A source in the PCB also disclosed on condition of anonymity that selection committee members have exchanged hot words during a recent meeting in which Mohammad Ilyas, Azhar Khan, Saleem Jaffar, Asif Baloch and Farrukh Zaman and Mohsin were involved. Though Ijaz Butt chaired the meeting, Azhar and Jaffer dominated the proceedings. Jaffer may be new in the PCB setup but Azhar has been attached with the board since long in different capacities. There were differences on the appointment of Mohsin as chairman of the selection committee. Cricket circles believe that he had never given proper time to his past assignments with the board. Ilyas is an outspoken former cricketer. And has recently saved Pakistan cricket from going under sports ministry after getting even with sports administration in Islamabad. From among all of these the only say in the selection of the team comes from Azhar and Jaffer and the PCB follows their dictates. Meanwhile, certain elements are also manipulating against players from Punjab and have started a full-fledged campaign in different ways. Recommendation of ban against Rana Naved, Shoaib Malik and severe disciplinary action against Akmal brothers - Kamran and Umar - is being seen as proofs of the divide in a bid to minimize the influence of the Lahore players. The proposed fine against Shahid Afridi is being as a punishment for the players effort to take on the Karachi City Cricket Association over the captaincy issue. Former test cricketer Mohammad Zahid, who is now settled in England, also expressed similar views recently. The Lahore and Karachi divide was there in my time and its there today. Nothing has changed and nothing has been done to get rid of the problem, Zahid said. He said the divide is hurting both the domestic set-up and the international team. It has been learnt that Abdul Razzak was to be given the reigns of the team while Salman Butt has also thrown his hat in the race for captaincy. Shahid Afridi, widely dubbed as the better choice, and a couple of other aspirants have also shown their desire to be captain of the team. Reports suggested that Mohammad Hafeez is being recalled along with Salman for the T20 team when both these players did not have good records in the shortest version of the game as compared to Imran Nazir, Imran Farhat, Nasir Jamshed and junior players like Ahmed Shahzad. What the PCB needs to do is first impose discipline within and then take decisions which are only for the betterment of the game.