LAHORE The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) is making mockery of the presidential orders for restoration of 530 employees of the Company, who were terminated 13 years ago. The restored employees include staff from grade 1 to 5, who were restored with one grade promotion and as regular staff but the presidential orders are being ignored by the Company. The SNGPL employees told The Nation that despite the fact that the employees were restored after a period of 13 years they had been still working as trainee/assignee and not yet been put on the pay roll of the Company. It has become hard for them to run their kitchen due to non-payment of salary or arrears as promised to them. They said they re-joined the SNGPL two months back and had not even got one salary whereas the Company high-ups had refused to give arrears or status of regular employees to them, as promised in the notification. They said they would be given Rs 8,500 per month salary as trainee when they come on the pay roll. They keep roaming in various offices of the SNGPL displaying the cards of trainee staff on their chest while their old colleagues, who remained in the Company, are getting Rs 35,000 to Rs 40,000 salary per month. A presidential order on February 18, 2009 restored 836 employees who were terminated in 1996. Out of them 530 joined again on or before January 21, 2010, which was the last date for giving joining for the employees. As per the presidential orders of Feb 18, 2009, the employees were promised that after restoration they would be given one grade promotion, three years salary dues and regular status of the employees of the SNGPL. They were also to get one-year salary arrears at the time of their joining. Ignoring the presidential orders, they have been appointed as trainee staff while the one grade promotion, three years salary arrears and regularisation are denied to them on one pretext or the other by the high ups. The grades of Company are special and nowadays an employee of grade 5 with BA qualification is getting Rs 35,000 salary per month while grade 6 employee Rs 40,000. The restored employees feel as if they have been fooled by the Company. But it is height of apathy of the SNGPL that the 530 employees are not yet being given Rs 8,500 salary for the last two months. SNGPL Chairman Misbaur Rehman was not picking the call on his mobilephone when this scribe tried to contact him for comments.