KARACHI Sindh will enter 360 member contingent in the Peshawar National Games which get underway from March 25 but, as in the past, the officials of the Sindh Olympic Association are facing the delay in getting funds to plan the departure of the contingent. The SOA has experienced over the years that whenever the games were held outside the province, they were not provided funds in time. Though the amount of Rs. six million needed for Sindh contingent in the games has been approved by the Chief Minister but the money has not been released to meet advance expenses which include booking of railway bogeys to carry the sportspersons by Khyber Mail on March 22 for Peshawar and buying track suits for the athletes. The officials of the SOA as precautionary measure has already written to Pakistan Railways for the booking of compartments but the Railways authorities are demanding money to finally and officially book the bogeys .The money is not available with the SOA which may cause some last minute problems as the date of departure draw closer. Other major and important expenses for which the SOA need money is uniform of the Sindh contingent. Sports garment suppliers usually entertain those orders which are given well in advance accompanied with advance money. Only then they could provide the track suits with colour of choice. Any delay in placing order and paying advance money will create problems for the Sindh officials to get track suits for the contingent in time. Sindh historically has been considered as most poorly dressed contingent whenever it has gone to attend games outside the province or in the province. The Pakistan Olympic Association which organises the games awards points for smartly dressed contingent in the games which are counted in overall points table that decide the winner of games main general trophy. Punjab and Army has always bagged those awards whereas Sindh has never had the honor to win those points because its contingent has never been dressed smartly. If the money is not released in next two days, the chances are that Sindh, the province of President Asif Ali Zardari, will again appear shabbily and poorly dressed at the opening ceremony of the games at Peshawar on March 25. Sindh will field teams in 19 male events and 12 female events. Competition in a total of 25 disciplines will be held at Peshawar. However Sindh will not field in mens baseball, football, hockey, hand ball, kabaddi, rugby and volleyball events because the provincial teams have not qualified for the National Games in these sports. Qualification rules state that the provinces which fail to finish in top six of the team games at the national championships of the respective sports could not field teams in those sports in the National Games.