ISLAMABAD - How good can be expected when the lawmakers and the stakeholders too are involved in drafting the Pesticides Act as the legislation has been assigned to those, who are in the pesticide business themselves and seeking maximum relaxation for the industry. It is pertinent to mention here that there is no proper legislation for the pesticide business and no law available to clutch the culprits, who sell the pirated medicine in the market. Reliable sources told TheNation that the Parliamentary Sub-Committee assigned the task to finalise Pesticide Bill draft to Chaudhry Iftikhar Nazir (PPP) Baligh-ur-Rehman of (PML-N), who are also running the pesticides business. The sources claimed that these two members are seeking maximum relaxation for the pirated pesticides sellers. Though nothing has been finalised yet but the credit does not go to these members but to Dr. Abdul Qadir Khanzada of MQM, head of the Committee. While these two members seem to be interested in drafting flexible clauses, however, Khnazada is playing positive role that can be considered in favour of the farmers, the sources informed. After many hot discussions in the Committee, where the representatives of the farmers were also present, it has now finalised the preambles in its meeting on March 5. The sources said that procedures of registration of the pesticides would be discussed in the next meeting and that might be considered as the most important step of this process. Lets see who wins because it is obvious that the stakeholders would definitely fight for their interest as they have done in the past meetings, source said. They further said that the above mentioned MNAs seem to be interested in relaxed punishment for the culprits but the strict laws for the criminals. If we see in the past, there is no example that pirated pesticides sellers were punished in a way that could stand example for others and it caused huge loss to the agriculture sector of the country, sources said.