LAHORE Despite the Pakistan Electric Power Companys claim that Lahorites are facing only three hours of loadshedding, the outages durations in some areas of the City has been increased to six hours. In addition to this the coming summer would be more difficult across the country, TheNation has learnt. The sources in the LESCO said some feeders were switching off electricity for three hours in day time and three hours in night. There was five to six hours loadshedding in the areas Awan Town, Chungi Amrdiddu, Walled City, Mughal Pura, Bhagwan Pura and Raiwid Road, the sources said claiming loadshedding would further increase in the coming days, as power demand was increasing day by day as compared to the production from all production units. At current the demand of the consumers across the country was about 11,500MW while the electricity production was mere 10,300MW. PEPCO claimed the reason behind the shortfall was abrupt gas supply but the actual situation was otherwise as many thermal units were not operating properly and the hydel production was also decreasing day by day. Ultimately, the sources claimed, the coming days would be harder in terms of availability of electricity and there would be 10 to 12 hours loadshedding across the country. According to PEPCO the electricity shortfall touched 1,505MW, production remained 10,203MW while demand reached at 11,708MW.