LAHORE - Rejecting Shahbaz Sharifs proposal to include army and judiciary in an all parties moot for resolving the crises of the country, Chaudhary Shahbaz Hussain, chief coordinator APML claimed that Punjab chief minister suggestion equalling inviting a judicial martial law. In a press statement issued on Wednesday, Ch Shahbaz the incumbent rulers PML-N instead of improving its performance inviting the two institutions to ponder over the resolves along with the political elite to end the prevailing crises, however such proposals only damage the image of the state institutions. He demanded that the rulers especially the PML-N-led government in Punjab should immediately resign owing to their poor performance and failing to address the issues of the masses. APML leader maintained that PML-N leadership through their irresponsible statements were undermining the integrity and prestige of national institutions. He further said the thinking of Shahbaz Sharif and his elder brother Nawaz Sharif regarding the role of army was poles apart. He claimed that the country was in dire need of a leader like Pervez Musharraf in order to steer it out of crises.