ISLAMABAD (APP) The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has launched a drive to analyze the status of about 0.9 million National Tax Number (NTN) holders who are not filing their returns. Out of the total three million NTN holders, about 0.9 million are not paying their taxes, sources told APP adding that FBR would make efforts to identify and locate these non-filers and bring them under the tax net to enhance revenues for the country. There could be many reasons of the fact that NTN holders were not filing returns as some of them might have already expired or have stopped filing the returns due to other genuine reasons. However, they maintained, the board would be taking steps to ascertain that all NTN holders, liable to taxes would be located and charged with taxes. The board has also decided to enforce by April 15 the return filing of top 1000 corporate non-filers and top 1000 corporate short-filers of sales tax for the period between July 2010 to December 2010, sources added. The Board would enforce compliance in corporate income tax returns where out of 44,794 registered corporate taxpayers; only 18,098 have filed their returns so far for the fiscal year 2010. A similar compliance would be also be ensured in the case of Association of Persons (AoPs) where out of registered 135,292 AoPs, only 34,155 have filed their returns. The enforcement drive would be completed by May 30, 2011. Meanwhile, talking to news agency, Member Inland Revenue Service (IRS), Khawar Khurshid Butt said that the board has already launched efficiency improvement drive all across the country to ensure transparency and stop leakages in the revenue collection system. The transfers and posting at the senior level last month were aimed at bringing efficiency and improvement in the performance of tax administration, he remarked. He said that the board would develop a mechanism where efficient officers are provided incentives and those who fail in performing satisfactorily would not be even given the regular bonus salaries. He reiterated that the FBR would never tolerate corruption and inefficiency in the organization, adding action would be taken against such persons. The FBR has introduced Inland Revenue Service (IRS) and officers in grades BS-19, 20 and 21 of known integrity and honesty have been posted purely on merit basis in different departments of the organization. Butt expressed the hope that despite challenges the FBR would be able to collect Rs.1,630 billion revenues during the current financial year.