LAHORE - Wicket-keeping has become the main problem of Pakistan cricket team due to consecutive bad performances of wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal and it cannot be resolved unless the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will not consult former and senior players and give them due respect, said Moin Khan. Talking exclusively to The Nation, legend wicketkeeper and aggressive batsman Moin Khan said that all the problems that the PCB is facing, could not be resolved unless they would not give respect to former and senior players. Perhaps former Test stars are considered as enemies of the board and cricket, the former wicketkeeper added. The players who played only few matches and with no much experience were given jobs in the board that is harmful for the promotion of cricket at grass-roots level as well as national and international levels. The PCB must change its attitude towards senior and former players and should honour them for their great services to the country. They will then do their best to promote and boost cricket across the country. When he was asked about Kamran Akmal's performance in the World Cup 2011, he said: "He is the player who is not technically accurate in this field and also giving bad performances consecutively and it seems he is solely responsible for a number of defeats suffered by Pakistan." He had been facing a lot of allegations and despite all those allegations he was included in the team. While on the one hand, Shoaib Malik was more capable of playing this World Cup, he was not selected in the 15-member squad. This shows the biased attitude of the PCB. Moin further said that the players should play for the team only, be united and spare no effort for the team's success. Only then, the team can become the world number one. When asked about back-up wicketkeeper, he said that there must be a reserve wicketkeeper in the team as during his era, a great rival and good teammate Rashid Latif was a big challenge for him. "One thing was in our mind when we had to play match, that was to perform well and for this, we used to work hard and try our best to do whatever we can for the victory of our team. This thing helped me a lot making me good wicketkeeper and through this, I remained keeper most of the time despite the presence of Rashid Latif," Moin said. There are a lot of domestic wicketkeepers who have all the abilities to become international keepers but all depend on opportunities provided by the PCB. Their domestic record is a proof to their brilliant performances and the best performers must be picked for national team, Moin added. Sarfraz Ahmad is also a good wicketkeeper but the board did not give him proper chance. Talking about Pakistan's place in the World Cup, Moin Khan said that the team had potential and could win the World Cup. There should be eagerness and unity among the ranks and file of the team and only that could lead to clinching the World Cup crown. Moin, commenting on Pakistan and New Zealand match, said that the team was not mentally strong. There was no proper planning and strategy to cope with all the problems during the match. He also asked the board that when the team was performing through spin bowling then what's the role of Waqar and Aqib, what they are doing if only spinners have to perform and take wickets. When asked about his favourite team in World Cup 2011, Moin smiled and said obviously my team is Pakistan and then Australia. It is pertinent to mention here that Moin has the record of dismissing maximum number of players behind the wickets after Gilchrist (35 total, 33 catches, 2 stumps) as his total victims are 30 - 23 catches and 7 stumps. Pakistan team has been facing a lot of problems, especially in wicket-keeping and opening sections despite having legends in wicket-keeping field namely Imtiaz, Bari, Tasleem, Saleem Yousuf, Rashid and Moin. The time warrants the PCB should acquire the services of former legends, especially Rashid Latif or Moin Khan who have the potential to help the team overcome wicket-keeping issue.