LAHORE - A meeting of executive committee of Judicial Activism Panel was held under the supervision of Muhammad Azhar Siddique, senior advocate, to celebrate March 9 as 'Iftikhar Day to commemorate the movement for restoration of judiciary which was started on March 9, 2007. According to a press statement issued here on Wednesday, a meeting of JAP executive committee was held which termed March 9 as 'Iftikhar Day. The meeting paid homage to Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry for his daring and courageous fight against the dictator. Siddique informed the meeting that he presented three proposals in general house meeting of Lahore High Court Bar Association which include that present government was heading towards a clash with the judiciary as lawyers would not tolerate such practice and were ready to launch a move against such practice of the government because decisions of judiciary were also being violated. Second proposal elaborated that corruption was on the rise and poor masses were continuously suffering a lot but federal and provincial governments had only fixed their eyes on each others corruption for the purpose of point scoring and criticism. Only judiciary was taking action against the corruption of administration and politicians frauds which were going unchecked and only judiciary was nabbing them through its decisions as per laws. The third proposal said that entry of politicians holding dual nationalities should be banned and people holding single nationality of Pakistan should be allowed to sit in the parliament as a bill in this regard had been submitted in the parliament. It was also mentioned in the proposal that all foreign assets of Pakistani politicians should be brought back to Pakistan for its prosperity. The executive committee approved three proposals unanimously and made these the part of committee resolutions.