ISLAMABAD - The cash-strapped PPP-led coalition government is likely to face music from Opposition parties as well as annoyed coalition partner MQM by increasing the power tariff up to two per cent every month for the next three months (April-June) as agreed with IMF, well-placed sources told The Nation. The government and the visiting IMF team have reportedly agreed to jack up the electricity tariff by six per cent within the next three months, in order to cut down the size of subsidy amount. When contacted, Ahsan Iqbal, a leader of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) strongly condemned the assured raise in power tariff to the IMF. How much the government will jack up the inflation The theft of electricity will increase, he said, adding that the government must take concrete measures to end corruption and theft in electricity. He was of the view that already hard-pressed economy of the nation would remain unable to bear this unfair raising, resultantly miseries and worries would increase to play. Over a question, he replied that domestic consumers and industrial sector would be badly affected if this undue raise takes place in the country. He, however, stressed to improve the governance instead of 'slaughtering through following the IMF agenda of increasing tariff and decreasing subsidy. Farooq Sattar condemned proposed recent raise in power tariff and urged the government to avoid imposing direct taxes, which to him, were unjust. He said MQM in principle would oppose this raise, adding that the government should improve its taxation system and make efforts to end inadequacy in the system. He deplored that though the PPP had assured that it would consult MQM regarding economic issues, yet no consultation took place so far in this regard. Senator Haji Adeel of Awami National Party (ANP) while talking to this scribe complained that coalition govt had not consulted so far in this regard. However, if this raise implemented then ANP will oppose it, as it is not a logical solution to the already disturbed economy of the nation and ANP was not in favour of any raise. The government should not impose direct tax on the public but it must broaden tax net instead of imposing raise in tariff and decreasing subsidy he said adding that those who did not paid taxes but were very wealthy having membership of expansive clubs, hotels and remained visiting foreign countries, should be bring them in tax net. Additionally, the spokesman of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Fazl) while condemning this raise, which has been recently promised with IMF, termed it as an injustice with the nation. How long the nation should bear this unjust? he questioned. The JUI-F leader, however, categorically said that if this government opted for this raise then there would be a series of protests inside and outside the Parliament till this unfair raise is withdrawn. The incumbent government should provide relief to the already damaged economy of the people of Pakistan instead of accepting the conditions of IMF, he deplored. Similarly, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, said the government instead of dropping tariff bomb should reduce its spendthrift and take concrete measures to take back the looted money to the country. He was of the view that if this looted money come back to Pakistan then there would be no use to contact IMF. He was of the view that PPP-led coalition government must be aware of the facts otherwise a dangerous civil disobedience could erupt to destabilise the civil govt in one jerk. He, however, categorically warned the government to avoid implementing IMF agenda otherwise PTI would make a country wide call for public protest. It is worth mentioning that Pakistan and the IMF have been holding talks to find out ways and means to revive the suspended $11.3 billion Standby Arrangement (SBA) programme since the last nine days and extending the stay clearly means that the government had shown its commitment to undertaking crucial decisions such as raising the power tariff and other additional revenue measures.