ISLAMABAD - As the chaotic conditions intensify in Libya at least 15,000 registered and more than double of this number believed to be unregistered Pakistani expatriates in extreme distress and fears are waiting to be rescued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The pathetic government response to evacuate them through belated efforts has added to desolation of their near and dear ones in Pakistani now losing hopes with the fast deepening crisis in African Arab country. Sources informed on Wednesday that the returnees and those still waiting for evacuation have been telling their families of the ordeal they were suffering in the hands of officials of Pakistan Embassy in Tripoli and the Ministry. They blamed the Embassy for indifferent attitude and mishandling in facilitating Pakistanis in Libya in reaching the counters set up on Libyan borders with Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria. Many of those Pakistanis waiting for rescue have been complaining of the inflated fares charged by the local transporters as some of them were penniless and were at the mercy of the Pakistan Embassy and Foreign Office. The sources said that this was despite the fact that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had $5 million at its disposal and even then wasted precious time in organizing and launching a meaningful effort to evacuate the expatriates. They blamed the foreign office for delayed and inept efforts largely because of the recent top-level political changes in the Ministry. There has been no response from the spokesperson of the Foreign Office when scribe approached her in response to the public concerns.