LAHORE The Punjab Workers Welfare Board, under the nose of Provincial Education Department is plundering the government and playing havoc with the government exchequer as competent authorities of the department are allegedly awarding book printing contracts to their blue-eyed private publishers for making commission only, TheNation has learnt. It was also learnt that the authorities concerned also added about 40 new books in the syllabus of prep and nursery classes to class eight of about 50 schools of the Punjab Workers Welfare Board on the recommendation of these private printers and publishers in order to increase commission amount. Instead of publishing books from governments Punjab Text Books Board, the authorities concerned are favouring private printer and publishers. Such books would be published in thousands and each would book cost minimum Rs 100. The inclusion of more books in the syllabus would not only cause unnecessary burden on government exchequer but also overburden the students. However, it may be mention that government is providing syllabus books to the thousands of students of PWWB schools free of cost. In a letter No WW.EDU-7(62)254, wrote by the Directorate of Education Punjab Workers Welfare Board to different private publishers of Urdu Bazaar regarding supply of such syllabus books, the authorities addressed them as As you know that your books mentioned in the list enclosed are approved by the competent authority for being part of the syllabus of WW schools in Punjab. The letter further said Since the academic year 2011-12 is going to commence from April 1st and syllabus books are required to be provided to the students before aforesaid date and you are requested to provide the price lists pertaining to your books as mentioned in the enclosed list of books with maximum discount on the prescribed prices. However, the competent authorities approved and accepted the discount offer from the private publishers without raising any objection regarding offered price and conducted a survey of the market for getting information about genuine cost and comparative prices of such type of books available in the market, said insiders of the department. They further said the authorities concerned were playing this game freely and without any fear of action against them by the government because such books would be distributed among the students free of costs, which would give edge to the authorities in the absence of any audit. In this regard, Naeem Baloch, Secretary General of Al-Mujahid Union Pak PWD criticised the authorities of Punjab Workers Welfare Board for misusing of funds by publishing these books from private publishers only for making more commission from the publishers in violation of the provincial governments saving campaign. Earlier, the government was providing books free of cost, published in the Punjab Text Board only, which was saving millions of rupees from the funds allocated by the government for education, he maintained. When tried to contact Deputy Director Education Abida Sughra Farooqi for her version, she was not available.