ISLAMABAD - Former Foreign Affairs Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi Wednesday in an ostensible move charge-sheeted his own ruling party saying the country was confronting a severe economic crisis, worsening law and order situation, political chaos, food insecurity and bad governance. He said that good governance and clean visionary leadership were the two most ingredients that the government required the most at this critical time. While addressing media persons at 'meet the press in the National Press Club here, Qureshi said that during his recent visit of interior Sindh and Punjab-Sindh borders all the aforementioned issues reflected from the feelings of the common people there. He said that during his recent tour, he felt some kind of inner reflection and what he said he was doing internal journey and he had the opportunity to interact with the cross sections of the society. All these were asking some questions as to where we are standing, what is our future and where we are going, he added and said that the country was facing worst economic situation, sharp rise in poverty, unemployment, and flight of human resource capital. Secondly, he pointed towards the countrys bad law and order situation including the suicide bombings saying that kidnapping for ransom incidents were on the rise in the country. Thirdly, he said that the pendulum of the political reconciliation was going towards political confrontation. Fourthly, he was of the view that Pakistans image in the international world was going from bad to worse and Shahbaz Bhattis killing incident added to already worsening situation. He while pointing towards another problem of the society, said that culture of corruption has penetrated into every segment of society from lower to top and vice versa. Qureshi also said that the country was facing a food insecurity crisis that has led to the food inflation as well. Qureshi also gave solutions to at least three challenges including energy crisis, food insecurity and rapid population growth, faced by the country. The Thar coal reserves, hydro-power, wind power, and solar energy resources should be utilized wisely to fill the widening gap of demand and supply of the power in the country, he added. He said that Pakistan should invest in social sector to motivate huge population of the country to participate in the countrys growth on the patrons of neighbouring India and China. While speaking on the issue of war on terrorism, he said that US had no realization about the damage of infrastructure caused due to the Nato supplies and it had not done legislation on Reconstruction Opportunities Zones (ROZs). It is time to give a wake-up call to the nation and to unite them as national unity has become the national demand, he said. As Foreign Minister, I focused on strengthening bilateral relationships with India and US, he said adding that they wanted to convert transitional relationship with US into a long-term partnership. He said that the relational ship of Pakistan with US had come back to the square one after the incident of killing of two Pakistanis by a US national Raymond Davis.