KARACHI - Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Acting President Ghulam Farooq has urged Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to fulfil its duties in respect of transportation of Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) goods from Karachi Port to Afghanistan because the restrictions associated with this business have created panic for traders. He added that the restrictions are also cause of the delays in transportation of ATT goods so PBR ensure immediate steps in this regard. Ghulam Farooq Khan said the transportation of ATT goods was the responsibility of Pakistan Railway (PR) according to ATT agreement 1965 which was shared with National Logistic Cell (NLC) in 2004 due to insufficient infrastructure of PR. NLC was also failed to perform duty and it engaged private trucks in 2006 for the transportation of ATT goods from Karachi to Afghanistan with the permission of Federal Board of Revenue. He said that the Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) has mentioned eight days period of returning those private trucks from Aman Garh and Chaman. He said that Chaman is 800 km away from Karachi while Aman Garh is 1400 km away but FTO has mentioned 8 days for the both destinations in its report. He said that International Freight Association has mentioned less time for the both destinations and National Accountability Bureau had also conducted an enquiry and witnessed for the reaching of private trucks in less time. He added that FBR imposed ban on the transportation of ATT goods through private trucks. This ban have created difficulties for the peoples associated with ATT goods transportation as they are charged damages charges by the Karachi Port Authorities due to insufficient fleet of NLC. He said that FBR ensure timely delivery apparatus for ATT goods transportation through NLC. FBR otherwise required to ensure alternative arrangements.