COLOMBO (Agencies) - A supporter of using UDRS in international cricket, Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara on Tuesday slammed the ICC for "chopping and changing" the 2.5 metre rule in LBW decisions in the middle of the ICC World Cup 2011. The ICC on Monday issued fresh guidelines to match officials that even though the distance between the stumps and the point of impact is 2.5 metre or greater, on-field umpires can reverse not out LBW decisions even if the ball is hitting a part of middle stump. According to the previous rule, the leg-before could be reversed by the on-field umpire in such cases only if the ball was hitting the centre of the middle stump. The fresh guidelines were issued after the on-field umpires applied the 2.5 metre rule in LBW decisions differently in the ongoing World Cup. While the umpire in the India-England match refused to change his not out decision of Ian Bell, his counterpart in the India-Ireland match altered his not out decision against an Irish batsman. Sangakkara said his side would have liked more consistency from the world governing body and not a change in rules in the midst of a tournament. "I think the ICC has got to be careful not to make rules seem confusing for human use. Chopping and changing during a tournament is going to add to the confusion," he said. "The best the ICC could have done was make sure that the technology was set before the World Cup, rules and parameters are set before the tournament. We would have liked a lot more consistency so that everyone understands the rules better," he told a television channel.