Death rules in the land of pure. It seems as if the entire nation has committed a sin and now everyone is paying collectively. Not a day goes by without terrible news of killings of innocent in Pakistan. Abbas Town as I remember from few visits was a typical middle class locality of Karachi, very similar to the locality I grew up in Karachi where people from all cultural backgrounds and religious interpretations lived in complete harmony. It was the first time in late 80s when we noticed some hate sloganeering against Shias, Ahmedis in shape of wall chalking.

The seeds of sectarianism sewn in the 80s by the then establishment of Pakistan under Gen Zia-ul Haq in a quest to achieve his personal goals, have now grown into a strong octopus with large tentacles. Ethnic cleansing of minorities in Pakistan continues by the hour. Ultra right insane including some mentally retarded retired generals, are rubbing salts into the wounds of affected people by blaming foreign elements for the situation. The truth of the matter is that Pakistan has serious internal threats. The very foundation of the state is shaken.

Poor innocent people are looking towards security establishment for remedy but they must not forget that this sectarianism has now started making inroads into strict discipline of Armed forces too. Recent killings of two Pak Navy officers are a clear manifestation of penetrations of such extremists’ elements into the security apparatus of the country. I am sure most people would agree that now is the time to act. All political parties, as well as security establishments must be on the same page and root this menace out. The entire state narrative needs to be revisited. Some lessons may be learnt from Bangladesh. Let us build a new Pakistan based on the true vision of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, a country in which Quaid-i-Azam could have lived himself, had he lived.


Australia, March 4.