US Spokesperson Victoria Nuland’s grumble that Iran is unreliable while cautioning Pakistan it should not do anything to court sanctions is a stark evidence of the US amplifying its rant against the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline as the project enters its final stage. Interestingly, she said her country was in favour Indo-Pak bilateral trade. Trade with India, for one thing has nothing to do with the IP pipeline. How can Pakistan refuse cooperation with Iran and start trusting India. Going so far as to shower it with MFN status whose arms buying spree and recent border clashes have given jitters to many would have severe repercussions. Sadly, at a time when a project that can turn out to be the lifeblood of our ailing industry and commerce is about to become a reality, it is being met by stiff resistance from the US. Who would regard that as an act of a friend? Under no circumstances should Islamabad give into pressure. The Asian Development Bank has recoiled at the thought of the US sanctions on the IP agreement. Our Iranian friends have built the pipeline right up to our doorstep as again confirmed by the Iranian Counsel General in Karachi on Friday who also held out the assurance of providing electricity. It is in the country’s supreme interest that attempts to stymie the project are summarily brushed off.

The history of Pakistan is replete with cases where India betrayed not only our trust, but also of the international community: Kashmir, the water dispute, the distribution of assets between Pakistan and India. One can go on citing incidents of its perfidy. It simply cannot be trusted.