PESHAWAR - At least six people, including a prayer leader, were killed and 29 others wounded when a bomb was detonated remotely inside a mosque in Mina Bazaar area of Peshawar on Saturday, official sources said.

The explosion took place when people were about to offer Zohr prayers in Chishtia Hanafia Ganj Ali Khan Mosque located in densely populated Baqar Shah area.

A senior police official, Khalid Hamdani, said the bomb was concealed inside the mehrab (space for the prayer leader). Another local police official, Imran Shahid, said there were up to 40 people in the mosque building when the timed device went off. 

The high intensity explosion jolted the entire area and triggered a wave of fear and panic among residents.

The injured were shifted to Lady Reading Hospital, where some of them were stated to be in critical condition.

A massive contingent of police cordoned off the area to collect evidences from the site. Bomb Disposal Squad Assistant Inspector General Shafqat Malik said the explosive device was detonated with a remote control and it weighted about three to four kilogrammes. No signs of suicide attack were found

President Zardari and PM Raja Pervaiz condemned the bombing. The PM said: “Such acts of terror cannot weaken resolve to wipe out terror.”