I am an 86 year old man who has fought three epic wars against India, the 1948, 1965 and 1971. In my young days, I had sufficient money, which I deposited in Quaid-i-Azam fund, to help my dear mother to live comfortably in newly created Pakistan. I have six sons who all opted to serve our country by joining the armed forces. I was living quite peacefully until bad luck started when one of my sons bought a 250 yards plot in Sector C of Bahria Town, Lahore, Pakistan. He paid all the installments as well as all the undue and unjustified fines yet has not been given the possession of the said plot. Rather this fraudulent organization is asking for additional payments every now and then. Neither my son nor I have any more money to put into this venture run by scoundrels and their unjustified demands. Is this the country we struggled for? In my entire life, I never cheated anyone, have performed my duties honestly and this is the reward I get for living as a truthful man.

Will anyone take up my cause or has Malik Riaz bought every person in Pakistan? I am in search of an individual who proves to be an angel and gets my son his due right. Will my son get his rights during my life? Who will do justice in this lawless country? Will anybody ban this so-called organization that is fleecing thousands? It has been learnt that he gifts houses and plots to almost all the bureaucrats in Pakistan just to keep them quiet and over look his daylight larceny so that he continues to swindle the public at large. Reports are that he also gifted President Asif Ali Zardari a bomb proof house in Bahria Town Lahore.


Lahore, March 7.