ISLAMABAD  – Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court, Muhammad Anwar Khan Kasi Saturday said that young judicial officers should work hard to eradicate evil of delay in disposal of cases,so that litigants could get relief.

“Delay in disposal of cases is being highly criticized by people of the society. You being young judicial officers with requisite potential are expected to eradicate this evil; to meet this challenge, you are to equip yourselves with the knowledge of updated laws and requisite skills to address all the intricate problems”, he said.

Chief Justice IHC expressed these views in the certificate awarding ceremony on the conclusion of one-week training course on “New Laws” here at the Federal Judicial Academy (FJA), Islamabad.

He said, “We are working in an adversarial system of justice in which one asserts one’s right and the other denies it, one contends for one thing and the other pleads against it. Under this system, the conduct, pace and extent of litigation are left almost completely to the parties and the judge is not supposed to even see the case papers before the trial.

These adversaries, however, can be overcome, if judges are well equipped with knowledge of update laws and experience in the relevant fields.”

Advising the young judicial officers the Chief Justice said” Wherever you are posted & whatever work is assigned, you must ensure to apply proper provisions of law in a proper manner with the assistance of Bar.  Make a habit of keeping yourselves abreast of the developments made in the field of law, speak through orders & Judgments, exhibit judicial ethics and prove yourselves to be a judge in all respects”.

Hashim Abro, spokesman of the Academy said that 24 Civil Judges/Judicial Magistrates hailing from all over Pakistan including Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan were awarded certificates by the Chief Justice in the ceremony.