LAKKI MARWAT – Two religio-political parties have nominated candidates for the one national and three provincial assembly seats of the district for the coming general elections.

The nominations were made at separate meetings attended by provincial and local leaders and workers of both parties. The local chapter of JUI-Nazryati approved the names of contesting and covering candidates at a meeting.

District General Secretary Maulana Mufti Muhammad Khan Haqqani presided over the meeting. Other office bearers also attended it. The meeting decided that Maulana Mufti Muhammad Khan Haqqani will contest election for the national assembly seat of NA-27 while Fazal Ahmad Zakori will be the covering candidate.

Maulana Hakim Ameer Nawab will be the aspirant for PK-76 (Lakki-I) with Mufti Muhammad Khan Haqqani as covering candidate. For PK-75 (Lakki-II), Hafiz Mehmudul Hasan Zangikhel will jump into the poll arena while Haji Muhammad Ali Maidadkhel will file his papers as covering candidate. Mufti Nawab Haqqani will be the candidate of JUI-N for PK-76 (Lakki-III) with another local party leader Maulana Muhammad Idrees as covering candidate.

Meanwhile, talking to journalists after chairing the party meeting at Darul Uloome Islamia in Lakki city the JUI-S Provincial Ameer Maulana Syed Muhammad Yousaf Shah announced the names of contestants for elections.

Presenting himself the sole party candidate for NA-27, he said that the JUI-S would field Maulana Hidayatullah Chishti for PK-74, Maulana Kaloo Khan for PK-75 and Maulana Habibullah Hqqani for PK-76.

He said that Mutahidda Deeni Mahaz leaders would try their best to stop secular forces to come into power again. He said that ruling coalition plundered national wealth and destroyed institutions; therefore the religious parties would expose the corruption and other evils of the rulers before masses.

He told that people would not vote for secular parties in coming elections because they knew that if voted to power such parties would implement US agenda. The JUI-S leader said that his party was consulted by opposition leader before finalizing the names for caretaker prime minister.

He showed reservations over the nomination of Rasool Bakhsh Paleejo for being heading a political party and said that the JUI-S had no objection to the other two candidates nominated by opposition for the office of caretaker prime minister.