PESHAWAR – Hundred of students of Hafeez Institute of Medical Sciences, Peshawar, have appealed to the administration of Khyber Medical University and Bacha Khan Medical college to extend affiliation to their institute to save their valuable three-year Physiotherapy diploma, which they have already completed.

Wasting valuable time of students, HMI had deceived hundred of students by giving them admission in Physiotherapy in 2009 and despite of their coarse completion they have not been given any affiliation with any University.

Talking to TheNation, class representative of Physiotherapy section Azeemullah said that they had taken admission in the institute in November 2009 and after spending huge money of 0.4 million rupees, they completed their course in three years.

He added that at that time the principal of the institute had assured them that the Department of Physiotherapy is registered with Khyber Medical University but after completion of their diploma their department was not registered with any medical university or any medical colleges.

The students appealed to Khyber Medical University, Higher Education commission and Chief Justice Peshawar high court to ensure their affiliation as the future of the poor students is at stake.