The political patronisation of criminals distinguishes the mayhem in Karachi from that of other areas which are subject to terrorism. Though there are similarities in ethnic issues, sectarianism and religious differences, yet political dimension prevails over all other causes. A great many members of civil society look at these terrorist activities with a different point of view. The crime in Karachi is initiated; criminals are patronised and the crackdown against the criminals is resisted for political vested interest. The pity is that all the culprits have taken refuge under the umbrella of politicians who use them for their own objectives. From the grassroots members to the heads of mainstream political parties all are equally responsible for the violence in Karachi. The same political cause has been a major hindrance in the solution of the problem.

Recovery is diagnosis of everything. In the pursuance of aforesaid fact the problem should be addressed accordingly. The writing on the wall is very clear that the present government has failed to deliver peace and bring criminals to justice. The situation would remain unchanged if the government again forms a coalition. Now it is time to take the ball out of the political court and throw it to paramilitary forces who would take action with an iron fist irrespective of any political pressure.


Lahore, March 7.